About the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Striving to Improve the Lives of Canadians

We’ve been getting Canadians moving since our inception, spearheading the Walk of Life campaign in 1984 and getting our country’s blood pumping for over 30 years.

Founded as Marina Lodge in 1965 and newly re-branded as the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, we’re a charitable organization proudly dedicated to keeping Canadians’ hearts healthy, including both cardiac rehabilitation and advocacy for disease prevention and education. You could say we’re all heart.

Walking is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health, and we strive to bring as much awareness as we can to the need for prevention. Proceeds from the Walks of Life provide vital funds for medical research and equipment, as well as towards scholarships and invited lectures.

Today, the National Walk of Life campaign raises funds for more than 30 much needed programs from coast to coast.

Our Mission: Prevention, Education, and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation.

To promote and develop cardiac rehabilitation services including public education, primary and secondary prevention initiatives in reducing cardiovascular disease in Canada, and in promoting active recovery.


We encourage Canadians to care for their heart health through physical activity, and our informative, interactive website keeps the public up-to-date with the latest news and breakthroughs.


We provide public education, including free public lectures on various heart health and rehabilitation topics. We also sponsor the annual Terry Kavanagh Lecture for cardiac rehabilitation specialists at the CACR conference.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

We promote active recovery through walking and exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs, as part of the continuum of cardiovascular care.

Our Objectives


To raise funds for cardiovascular rehabilitation programs and expand these services across Canada


To enable public education activities and resources aimed at the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in Canada


To fund and promote applied research on cardiovascular rehabilitation and the management of cardiovascular disease in Canada


To advocate and promote access to and awareness of medications, treatment services and programs for those affected by cardiovascular disease in Canada