Our Latest Projects

1st Paediatric Exercise Medicine Room
& Cardiac Rehab Program Opens at SickKids

Members & friends of the cardiac health foundation of canada, cardiac kids & bike2play celebrate the official opening on february 9, 2018. The three groups are involved in raising funds to establish the 1st paediatric exercise medicine room & cardiac rehab program for kids & adolescents in canada at sickkids hospital. This program will witness individualized fitness, and capacity building in contributing to and enhancing the quality of life for individuals born with congenital heart issues. The cardiac health foundation’s mission of ‘prevention, education & cardiovascular rehabilitation’ has gone full circle from supporting Dr. Terry kavanagh’s pioneer work in establishing cardiac rehab for adults across the country to now working to support kids. Ironically, Dr kavanagh’s first exercise lab was set up in 1968 - fast forward 50 years later and the cardiac health foundation is instrumental in opening this new exercise medicine room for children.

Dr. Terry Kavanagh Heart Health Lab

The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada continues to fund the new research laboratory at the University of Toronto in honour of Dr. Terry Kavanagh. This significant gift of $325,000 will be paid over the years to name the Heart Health lab in the new Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, U of T. The Dr. Terry Kavanagh Heart Health Lab will advance cardiac health studies on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and will have the opportunity to lead research breakthroughs in the area of heart health and cardiac rehabilitation. Several of the student recipients who have received the Dr. Terry Kavanagh Fellowship from our Foundation will be involved in the research being conducted. With this investment, we also look forward to promoting the latest research findings through upcoming lectures and educational information published on our website.