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Walk of Life Appreciations

Walk of Life Appreciations to
Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Thanks for the kind words Barb. It was a great day and our team had a lot of fun, both participating at the walk itself and raising funds for the walk. It was also nice to see our team member’s fundraising efforts contributing towards the overall top fundraising team prize. It really was a team effort. While every team member’s fundraising efforts were appreciated, a very special thanks is due to both Halim Chaccour and Victor Wong for all that they did in terms of their fundraising efforts. Their commitment to the cause was unquestionable. Thanks also to both yourself and Christina Mellos for all of your help in answering any questions we had concerning the walk.

Take care.

Drew Gardiner, MBA | Associate
Real Estate Finance | BMO Corporate Finance Division

Thanks again Barb and Leo,

It was another great event and fundraising day for a great cause, our team had a great time. Though a hot day, the tent worked out well providing relief and seating to those who needed a break, and the young men got enthusiastic responses to the music and (a lot of requests!).


MIKE BEG | Vice President & Head
Real Estate Finance, BMO Corporate Finance Division

Hi Barb,

Thanks again for having us play at the Walk Of Life on Saturday. We all had a great time and really felt there was a strong atmosphere of caring and passion amongst all attendees. We're happy to be a part of such a beneficial event, and as a young musician trying to build up a reputation and acquire more opportunities, a gig like this means a lot to me so thanks so much.


Andrew Beg
Vocalist | Songwriter | Guitarist
KAOS Music Centre Sales Associate

Barb, I hope you are somewhere putting your feet up today, but congratulations on another fantastic Walk of Life! What a huge undertaking—you and your team do such a great job, and thank you for supporting SickKids via Cardiac Kids with your incredible efforts. We are very grateful.
Take care, and again, congratulations!!


Anne-Marie Newton
Associate Director, Labatt Family Heart Centre


From: Meggie Campbell
Sent: May-30-16 2:40 PM
To: Erna Volk
Subject: Re: Thank you for volunteering!

I had a really great time volunteering for you guys. If you ever need a hand just email me and I'll come and I'll bring one of my friends

From: Mary
Sent: May-30-16 5:43 PM
To: Erna Volk
Cc: Christine Mellos; Barbara Kennedy
Subject: Re: Thank you for volunteering!

Exceptional !!
Exceptional event Erna. You were always there and available, Thank you for your leadership and opportunity to work for the Cardiac Health Foundation.
Barb. your team is over-the-top amazing - Erna and Christina were always available .... making this an awesome 2016.
Thank you Christina, Erna and Barb -
Cheers, enjoy our summer - call if I can help throughout the year.

Mary ~

From: Doug Vallery
Sent: May-31-16 11:16 AM
To: 'Christina Mellos'
Subject: RE: Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada Thanks You!

Thanks Christina
Thanks for your kind response. It was a very enjoyable “intimate” event that had much more meaning for us than the “mass events” we have attended in the past.

Best wishes,
Doug Vallery

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for including us in your event. Even though it was very hot, our seniors love it.
You are welcome as I am glad that VIVA was able to be a part of the shuttle service.
And thank you for the table. A job well done!

Teresa Harrington

Lifestyles Manager
V!VA Mississauga Retirement Community

Hi Barbara,

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Keep up the excellent work,
David Patterson

facebook.com/CardiacHealth twitter.com/CardiacHealth cardiac-health-fdn-of-canada.tumblr.com flickr.com/photos/cardiachealth


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