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CONGRATULATIONS to all the CHEFS who made the 2017 Healthy Hearts Challenge a great success! :
Healthy Hearts Nutrition Award: V!VA Retirement Communities Chefs Mitchell Lash, Lindsay Harris & Jonathan Nevin
Healthy Hearts Taste Award: CHARTWELL Retirement Residences Chefs Nick Calina, Joan McNeill, Stephen Huszczo, Kevin Van Vuren
Healthy Hearts Creative Presentation Award: SCHLEGEL Villages Chef George Madalena, Lee Stewart, Mike Killip, Jashua Jimenez, Terance Paul
Healthy Hearts Peoples Choice Award: DELMANOR Seniors Communities Chefs Divakar Raju, Jordan Bruce, Guarev Saxena, Keith Sullivan, Sarah Wagner
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WALK OF LIFE 2016 a great success! Tribute Wall was signed by many “walking” for someone near and dear to their heart. Donations are still gratefully accepted. However, to be eligible for team and incentive prizes, funds must be received before June 4th.

Enjoy the following video highlighting our WALK OF LIFE 2016


Halim Chaccour – TOP WALK OF LIFE May 28TH 2016 FUNDRAISER

BMO Heart - BMO's Corporate Finance Division Real Estate Finance team was the TOP WALK OF LIFE Corporate Fundraising Team. Pictured: Phyllis Chan, Halim Chaccour. Victor Wong, Drew Gardiner, Mike Beg – VP and Barbara Kennedy – Executive Director- Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Bike2Play Campaign - the ride from Toronto to Muskoka September 17-18, 2016

Bike2Play is a supported fundraiser of the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada and is dedicating funds to Cardiac Kids in support of SickKids Hospital. The Bike2Play Campaign is directing the money raised to Paediatric Congenital Research and providing awareness of children who are afflicted with debilitating conditions and the ultimate goal of finding a way to allow these children to experience the enjoyment of being physically active and enriching their lives.

Bike2Play's goal is to raise a minimum of $30,000 for their 2nd annual ride on September 17th and 18th from Toronto to Muskoka. Twenty-one cyclists have committed to participating and there is still room for 9 more riders. Donate to the campaign by clicking on the following link and on the CYCLIST’s NAME. Donations are fully tax receipted.


Watch Heart Warrior - Isabella Rizzo’s video on her story and invitation to join the Bizzy Bees Team for Cardiac Kids at the WALK OF LIFE 2016.

Celebrating 50 years: The Cardiac Health Foundation Of Canada History 1965 - 2015. Click here to download and watch the PowerPoint presentation (43 MB).

Board of Directors congratulates Dr. Terry Kavanagh at the special announcement of the Dr. Terry Kavanagh Heart Health Lab at U of T’s new Goldring Centre.
Pictured: Dr. Terry Kavanagh, Leo DelZotto (President), Morty Glickman, Barb Kennedy ( Executive Director), Ildiko Marshall, Harvey Fruitman, Adam Sorrenti, Carrie Lavack, Gina Pereira, & Dr. Jack Goodman.

Please watch this short video further highlighting the differences between women and men with respect to cardiac events.

Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

The newly re-branded Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting cardiac rehabilitation and the advocacy of prevention and education across Canada.

Since 1965, $12.5 Million has been raised nationally for facilities, scholarships & research, patient & public awareness, professional education and medical equipment.

Walking & exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs are widely recommended as part of the continuum of cardiovascular care and the reason WHY the National WALK OF LIFE campaign was started. more

Help others, Share your Story about your Heart Attack, Cardiac Event and or Congenital Heart Disease

Did you know that you can be helpful to others by sharing your story and the details of your recovery? Many individuals who have experienced a heart attack or who are struggling with heart disease including high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy and or congenital heart disease have overcome incredible hurdles in managing and recovering from illnesses. Your stories are important in providing insight for others and in normalizing for many what may feel strange and or insurmountable.

In addition to sharing your stories for the benefit of others we also want to know:
How many of you completed cardiovascular rehabilitation and whether you could have used ongoing support in supporting your lifestyle change? We are interested in knowing the challenges and hurdles you are facing in engaging in fitness training, in eating balanced and healthy meals daily, in accessing new medications to manage your risk factors and other challenges you face on a day to day basis in your recovery. In 2016/2017 the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada is also committed to ensuring that we act on behalf of individuals across Canada in advocating for access to services, medications and treatments that facilitate active recovery from cardiovascular and congenital heart disease in Canada. In assisting us with this role we need to hear about your concerns and the challenges you face in accessing appropriate services, medications and or treatments.

Send your stories and or your challenges to

John Sawdon
Public Education & Special Projects Director
Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada
901 Lawrence Avenue West Suite 306
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1C3

Cardiac Rehab Facts

  • Initially designed to treat post heart attack & bypass patients, it now includes individuals with valvular heart disease, congestive heart failure and pacemakers, PCI, non-debilitating stroke/TIA , congenital heart disease, diabetes and or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Has become PROACTIVE with an emphasis to educate and treat those with risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, family history, smoking, obesity and inactivity to reduce the likelihood of a cardiac event.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation is “the enhancement and maintenance of cardiovascular health through individualized programs designed to optimize physical, psychological, social, vocational, and emotional status. This process includes the facilitation and delivery of secondary prevention through heart hazard identification and modification in an effort to prevent disease progression and recurrence of cardiac events”

NEW ONTARIO TRILLIUM FOUNDATION Grant 2014 - 2015 awarded to Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada for Heart Wise Exercise Project further expansion. more

Honorary Chair of the WALK OF LIFE - John Stanton – Founder of the Running Room & The Walking Room
We have a remarkable Honorary Chair for the WALK OF LIFE 2011 - John Stanton - the founder of the Running Room & the Walking Room. John is a best selling Canadian author of eight books on running and a true advocate of WALKING and RUNNING.

He has received many national awards for his promotion of cardiovascular health in Canadians and the prevention of risk factors that lead to cardiovascular disease. WALKING and exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs are widely recommended as part of the continuum of cardiovascular care and the reason why the WALK OF LIfe was started 27 years ago.

Just as the WALK OF LIFE began with one WALK in Toronto and has expanded to over 40 centres nationally over the years, John Stanton's first Running Room began at one site out west and has expanded to over 100 locations across Canada and the United States. He has been featured as a guest on numerous television programs, newspapers across the country and served as the Vice-President of the Commonwealth Games Canada and is a member of the Order of Canada.


  • Click here to read testimonials from WALK OF LIFE participants, sponsors & volunteers !


If you have time to help out either at the walk of life or throughout the year, the cardiac health foundation always needs helpers. more

Click to see Magda Arent & Kevin Maly's student intern project on how they got involved..

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