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Regular physical activity is an important part of staying heart healthy. Exercise has a variety of great benefits for your physical and mental health, including lower blood glucose levels, stress reduction, weight loss, and improved strength and fitness. All of these factors are essential in the prevention or management of cardiovascular conditions.

Learn more about the importance of physical activity below, and get ideas for small lifestyle changes you can start incorporating in your routine.

Let's Keep You Motivated to Workout!

Focus on the benefits. Make friends at the gym. Schedule your workout in advance. ...

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Upper Body Training

Try these upper body exercises the next time you’re in the gym. ...

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Italian seniors take their passeggiata to shopping centres

WHO RUNS THE MALL? by Rita Simonetta Sensible walking shoes are essential accessories on weekday mornings at Greater Toronto Area malls. They’re donned by silver-haired ...

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Exercise of the Month – Bird dog

“ Looking for a great new core exercise? Try out the Bird Dog, as demonstrated here by Body + Soul Fitness Personal Trainer Vicki. The Bird dog is a great exercise to strengthen ...

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Walking Tips

Our feet and gate are a gift from our parents so remember there are some things you can control and some you cannot. First, let your shoe professional at the Walking Room fit you with a couple of pairs of shoes which are right for you specifically. Now, start walking and having fun. ...

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Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Recently the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology and the Canadian Public Health Association (2007) published a consensus report for the future on the role of physical activity in health. ...

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The Talk Test: How Fast Should I Go?

This is a common question for people starting an exercise program. We want to encourage participants to exercise hard enough to receive training benefits without pushing them unnecessarily. ...

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I've Graduated From My Cardiac Rehabilitation Program...Now What?

Congratulations on committing to your Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and completing it! Now you have the tools, motivation and confidence to continue your program on your own. But there are a few items that you need to keep in mind as you get back into your regular routine of life. Consider the following: ...

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Sexual Activity and Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease can involve:
1) Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis is a narrowing of small blood vessels. Changes may be confined to blood vessels in the heart, reducing the blood supply for the pumping heart. This is called "ischemic heart disease." If the heart's pumping action is increased during exercise or stress, the blood supply through the coronary arteries may not be sufficient, and pain (angina) occurs. ...

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Are Back Problems Limiting Your Cardiac Exercise?

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints among adults in North America. It accounts for more lost person-hours than any other type of occupational injury and is the most frequent cause of activity limitation in individuals under age 45. In the U.S., it costs at least $ 16 billion each year and disables 3.4 million individuals. However, with exercise and being physically fit, we can decrease the likelihood of this problem from happening to us. ...

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Is my Aerobic Workout Routine enough?

Two major goals of cardiac rehabilitation are to improve physical functioning and reduce factors that contribute to progression of coronary artery disease. Aerobic exercise is intended to challenge the heart and lungs in order to increase their efficiency in providing oxygen to the working muscles. ...

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Getting the Most From Your Gardening

With the warmer weather finally here, many of us have begun to head outdoors and start working on our lawns and gardens. Gardening is the second most popular form of activity, attracting 72% of Canadian adults. (It is second only to our favourite activity… walking) ...

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The Fit Can Survive

There is no denying it: exercise is good for you. Whether you have never put on a pair of running shoes to go for a walk, or they are hiding in the back of your closet, if you have heart disease, put them on and get moving - a lot! Recent research shows that exercise is more important than ever. ...

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